Reading makes a full man,

conference a ready man,

writing an exact man.


Be a wise fool! 难得糊涂!

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1、Be a wise fool! 难得糊涂!
郑板桥的名言和座右铭,翻译成英文Where ignorance is bliss, it's folly to be wise.
2、Value what I have; seize the present! 珍惜拥有;把握现在!
3、不求成功,但求进步。Success is a fallacy, progress is  a policy.
true + honest = tronest 真+诚=真诚
4、That is what it ought to be. 事情本来就是这样的。
5、What  is felt is what is true. 自己的感觉才是最真实的。
6、If you feel unhappy, go to the hospital. 如果觉得不幸福,去医院看看(那些病人)吧!
7、Happiness is everywhere to be found and felt. 幸福无处不在,有待我们去发现感受。
8、Ask not what life  has brought  about to you, but what you have done for a better life.
9、Happiness lies in contentment. That is, discontentment leds to unhappiness.
10、The last thing one should do is forget his duty to his parents.
11、When flattered, take it carefully; when criticized, take it seriously.
12、Indulgence in reminiscence gives rise to an evasive attitude towards the world.
13、 He is not a true man before he can make wise and independent decisions.
14、He who tries to please all pleases nobody.
15、Criticisms, (un)favorable, from others are good medicine for a better self.
16、One has to endure loneliness to be a success. 要么平庸,要么孤独。

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