Reading makes a full man,

conference a ready man,

writing an exact man.



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摘   要:日常生活中,话语冲突普遍存在于人们的交往中。当人们因为观点、立场、认识等方面不一致时,便会产生对立、否定或争执的状态,冲突性话语也由此产生。在冲突状态下,交际双方通常产生负面情绪,造成多种不良后果。在社会中,权势是交际语境的重要构成部分,受这一因素影响,人们应对话语冲突时使用的策略值得关注。



A Pragmatic Analysis on Response Strategies of Conflict Talk between Different Power Relations

—— A Case Study of American TV Play Reign

Abstract: Conflict talk is a common phenomenon in our daily life. When people have different ideas because of opinion, position, recognition and so on, conflict condition appears, as well as conflict talk. Under conflict condition, there are negative moods between both sides of the communication and many undesirable consequences. Power is one of important components of communicative context in society. Influenced by power, the response strategies used to deal with conflict talk deserve attention.

This report, based on adaptation theory, chooses an American TV play Reign as its discourse corpus to do conversational analysis and pragmatic analysis. From social status and relations, response strategies will be analyzed and summarized. The aim is to reveal the interpersonal functions and help communicators choose suitable strategies to solve conflicts so as to achieve communicators’ purposes and sustain healthy interpersonal relationships.

Key words: conflict talk; power; response strategies; adaptation theory

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