Reading makes a full man,

conference a ready man,

writing an exact man.



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摘   要:冲突话语是人际交往中的一个很普遍的现象,近些年来受到了国内外学者的密切关注,其研究的角度也十分广泛。事实上,大家都认为从冲突语言中衍生出来的不礼貌现象与其也是紧密相关的。语言学家Culpeper(1996)等人认为,不礼貌行为是一种交际上的策略,这种策略不仅会影响听话人的面子,而且还有可能会导致听话人和说话人的之间发生矛盾冲突。因为此类策略,大多数是人故意使用的,并且常带有恶意伤人的效果,所以其交际性也自然会差。但在某种情况下,使用不礼貌语言也是非常有必要的。它有助于使听话人更加重视说话人的意愿,从而达到说话人的合理目的。



The Study of the Impoliteness Strategies Employed in the Conflict Talks between Couples
---A Case Study in Defense of Love

Abstract: Conflict talk is a very common phenomenon in human communication. In recent years, domestic and foreign scholars have paid much attention to this phenomenon from various perspectives. In fact, people consider that impoliteness has a close connection with conflict talk. Linguist Culpeper (1996) believed that impoliteness is a communicative strategy and not only does this strategy threaten the hearer, but it also leads to a dispute between a hearer and a speaker. The reason why impoliteness has negative aspects is that most people use this strategy on purpose, which may generally hurt people’s feeling, and its communicative effect is negative in nature. However, under some certain circumstances, it is necessary to use impolite language. It helps the listeners pay more attention to the willingness of the speakers and achieves the legitimate aims of speakers.

From the perspective of linguistics and the couples in conflict talk, the data of this study is collected from the TV show Defense of Love. In order to increase the rationality of the study, it adopts the impoliteness model proposed by Culpeper as the theoretical framework. The aim of this study is to find out the principle of the reason couples argue with each other and then provide useful and convenient ways to solve the conflicts.

Key words: conflict talk; couple; impoliteness strategy

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