Reading makes a full man,

conference a ready man,

writing an exact man.

唐·刘禹锡《秋词》:自古逢秋悲寂寥,我言秋日胜春朝。 晴空一鹤排云上,便引诗情到碧霄。


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Analysis on the Lexical Features of WeChat Push Titles
---A Case Study of Entertainment WeChat Official Accounts

Abstract: Since the add-on module of WeChat--WeChat Official Account started up, it has had a rapid development. It updates news in irregular time and audiences make choice by themselves. Title of the push is often the most concise generalization and presentation of the theme. It plays an important role in arousing audiences’ interest in reading the full passage.

Through the analysis of the relevant literature, it was found that there has been a lot of researches on the news titles in the field of linguistics. Researches related to WeChat official accounts mainly started in 2012, it is really a new topic. So the lexical features of WeChat push titles and different contextual effects brought by the choice of words like simple and concrete diction, metaphor and abbreviation are chosen to be analyzed. Models of the analysis on lexical features of entertainment push titles make it much more interesting. It is intended to help audience systematically learn about the linguistic meaning of WeChat push titles.

Key words: WeChat push; titles; lexical features; WeChat official accounts

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