Reading makes a full man,

conference a ready man,

writing an exact man.

唐·刘禹锡《秋词》:自古逢秋悲寂寥,我言秋日胜春朝。 晴空一鹤排云上,便引诗情到碧霄。


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摘   要:英语和法语同属于印欧语系,由于长时间地相互影响,这两种语言之间不可避免地产生了一些相似点。但是,在很多方面,英语和法语还是存在着众多的不同。不能忽略的一点不同反映在语法方面。众所周知,作为语法重要组成部分的时态自然在一门语言中占据着不可或缺的地位,在语言习得过程中不可避免。



A Comparative Study of Past Tenses in French and Corresponding Tenses in English

Abstract: English and French both belong to Indo-European, and it is inevitable for there to be certain similarity between the two languages because of interplay in the long term. However, there are still numerous differences between English and French in many aspects. The difference that cannot be ignored is reflected in grammar. As we all know, tense, as an important part of grammar, always plays an indispensable role in a language, which can not be escaped in the language acquisition.

This text taking past tense as an example, based on the Contrastive Analysis, language transfer and Interlanguage, studies in past tenses in French (such as l'imparfait, le passé composé) and corresponding tenses in English to find out their similarities and differences. Generally, the simple past tense can correspond to l’imparfait and le passé composé, furthermore, l’imparfait is also similar to the past continuous tense and the passe compose is also similar to the present past tense in English. The conclusion can be taken full advantage of to study French by using positive transfer and avoiding negative transfer as much as possible. The study aims to help learners have a deep comprehension of past tense in French and utilize the same method to study French in other parts.

Key words: past tense; contrastive analysis; language transfer

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