Reading makes a full man,

conference a ready man,

writing an exact man.



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—— 以电视剧《小别离》为例

摘 要冲突话语是人际交往中普遍存在的一种语言现象,不可避免也是不可忽视的。社会学、人类学以及语言学领域的学者们都分别从不同的角度探讨,并取得了一定得研究。




Direct Oppositional Response Strategy of Conflict Talk Between Parents and Adolescents
–A Case Study of TV Play A Love for Separation 

Abstract: Conflict talk is a common linguistic phenomenon in interpersonal communication, which is inevitable and cannot be ignored. In the field of sociology, linguistics and anthropology scholars explore it from various perspectives, and have achieved a lot.

On the basis of previous studies, this thesis mainly analyses the conflict talk between parents and adolescents in the pragmatic point of view, on the basis of the impoliteness theory. This study will make parents and adolescents’ mutual direct oppositional response strategies as a starting point, and select the TV play A Love for Separation as a discourse corpus to carry out a qualitative research about the parent-child relationship.

This study mainly sums up what the impoliteness mode is between parents and adolescents, classifies direct oppositional response strategy based on the face threat, and brings forward what are the different pragmatic functions of different response strategies.

Through the analysis we can have a more comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon of conflict talk, which is conducive to the promotion of mutual understanding between parents and adolescents, even all kinds of interpersonal relationships. This study is of significance to decrease and avoid the conflicts in daily life, in order to construct a harmonious family and society.

Key words: conflict talk; Impoliteness Theory; direct oppositional response strategy; parent-child relationship; A Love for Separation

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