Reading makes a full man,

conference a ready man,

writing an exact man.

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Never Give Up

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Direction: Every expert or professional was once a beginner or amateur, driven by a dream to succeed, no matter how difficult the uphill climb is. We need more than mere pep talks to move us forward. Write a story with no less than 300 words, and depict realistic characters to give a picture of what it takes to succeed. You can add a title by yourself.


Never Give Up

My grandfather is not famous but I admire and respect him very much. “Never Give Up!” He often cheers me up when I face difficulties. And I think it is the reason of his success that he never gives up his dream and works hard for his dream.

When he was young, he was inspired by the achievements of two famous scientists, Tsung-Dao Lee and Chen-Ning Yang, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics. He dreamed of being a scientist and devoting himself to society in the future. But unfortunately, for some reasons he had no chance to enter the university he wanted to, even though he got a very high score at the College entrance examination. After graduating from Anhui University, he had the hard experience in the country and finally worked in a chemistry plant as a technician in a small town. But he still held on his dreams despite the laughter from the surrounding people. He studied very hard and read a great many books after the tiring work every day. In 1978, with his efforts, he was informed from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences that he would be a postgraduate majoring high-energy physics. He still remembered how excited he was when he had the lessons taught by Tsung-Dao Lee and Chen-Ning Yang. He tried his best to study and became one of the excellent students. After graduation, he had to leave his research job in Beijing and worked in the army as a teacher for the family reason. Afterwards, he didn’t give up the study and became a successful professor.

Though my grandfather has nothing special, I admire him that he was inspired by his dream and tried to realize his dream. And his experience will encourage me not to give up whatever I faced.


Never Give Up

Among those people I admire and respect, the one who has influenced me the most is my beloved grandfather. He always cheers me up with the words “Never give up” whenever I encounter setbacks. More important, besides the verbal encouragement, he has revealed to me the true meaning of the expression with his successful example in his pursuit of his dream.  

Early in his youth, my grandfather was inspired by the hard-earned achievements of two famous Nobel Prize winners, Tsung-Dao Lee and Chen-Ning Yang. Ever since then, the dream of becoming a scientist had taken root in the mind of the youngster. To make a scientist, my grandfather thought, higher education was necessary. He immediately engaged himself in the preparation for the college entrance examination. Unfortunately, he was denied the entrance for three times. “Never give up,” he said to himself. Instead of being discouraged, my stubborn grandfather made a further attempt, a more determined one. His persistence was finally rewarded with a letter of admission.

Quite to my father’s disappointment, a heavy blow came with graduation. He had thought about a position in a research center. However, he was sent to do manual labor in the countryside. At this point, the hope of becoming a scientist grew distant. Again, the three words ran through his brain — Never give up! During his stay in the countryside, he never relaxed his efforts in academic learning. Then came the harvest year of 1978, when he was admitted as a postgraduate to the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. My grandfather still remembers how excited he was when he had the lessons taught there by his idol scientists Lee and Yang. He cherished the precious opportunities with his hard work at every subject. As one of the outstanding graduate, he finally won his dreamt career.

Never give up! Easy, it is to say the sentence, and difficult, it is to practice it. My grandfather is the one who practices what he preaches. It is the spirit of and faith in perseverance that has led to his success.

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