Reading makes a full man,

conference a ready man,

writing an exact man.

·王稚登 《立冬》: 秋风吹尽旧庭柯, 黄叶丹枫客里过。 一点禅灯半轮月, 今宵寒较昨宵多。

Thanks to You All!

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Thanks to Dada and Mama, for bringing Xiaosan to this world. Life is hard, but  you try to give him whatever you can offer.

Thanks to Daguo and  Aoguo for your company in  his childhood. You are not earning much, but college education  would have been impossible to him without your support.

Thanks to XYZ for the truest ever ngai you  devoted to him. Apology also goes to you for his  pressing hunger for family because of "old age",  and going astray.

Thanks to all those who have ever come to his help in trouble, you are an integral part of his life, making life so enjoyable and worth living.

Thanks to all people ever appearing in his life, adding color to his worldly journey.

Thanks to medical science, which makes possible a prolonged life of his beloved parents.

Thanks to all the hardship he has experienced, which makes a strong-minded, light-hearted man.

Thanks to Fate for the physical ability, and all the good things in his possession.

Thanks. Life is a gift. Everyday is a gift.09-11-26

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