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writing an exact man.

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On Features of Sports Consumption by Families in Small and Medium-sized Cities


Abstract: Despite the significance of family size in the expenditure of a family, literature is scarce on the sports consumption by families of different sizes in small and medium-sized cities. By means of literature review, questionnaire and mathematical statistics, the study investigates the sports consumption of families in small and medium-sized cities, on the basis of the changing pattern of family structure and cross-generation relationship, in accordance with the theory of family life circle, and from the perspectives of culture sustainment, the model of decision-making power, site preference, structural inclination, ways of participation and influencing factors. Findings show the cultural feedback and democratized decision-making in sports consumption by these households are in proportion with their size; the site preference for branding and convenience and the structural inclination of service are closely tied with the miniaturization of family size; ways of participation are diversified; no noticeable difference (P values all above 0.05) is reflected in the affecting factors, which include external, internal, producing and stimulating ones. Finally, corresponding proposals are suggested.


Key words: sports consumption; family size; cross-generation relationship; small and medium-sized cities

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