Reading makes a full man,

conference a ready man,

writing an exact man.

·王稚登 《立冬》: 秋风吹尽旧庭柯, 黄叶丹枫客里过。 一点禅灯半轮月, 今宵寒较昨宵多。


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On Features and Citizenization Paths of Sports Consumption by Peasants in the New Urbanization


Abstract: By means of literature review, questionnaire, mathematical statistics and logical analysis, the study, starting with the definition of the relevance of the new urbanization to the citizenization of sports consumption by peasants, investigates the attitude, motivation, information, level, structure and sites of sports consumption by different groups of peasants, from the perspective of their internal divergence. Findings show a generally discouraging situation of the sports consumption, a comparatively increasingly clear drawing line among exurban, migrant and relocated peasants, and a typical character of mass consumption. Accordingly, the citizenization of their sports consumption will follow the two paths: local and non-local transformations, which shall proceed in a certain order of subjects and objects involved. The specific implementing strategies of the citizenization are cultivating the motive, instilling the practicality and marketing the benefits.


Key words: group differentiation of peasants; sports consumption; group segmentation; paths of citizenization; new urbanization

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