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conference a ready man,

writing an exact man.

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On Features of Physical Exercise and Sports Consumption by New Citizens in Small and Medium-sized Cities from the Perspective of Social Stratification


Abstract: Social stratification has been introduced as an important independent variable into the research on physical exercise and sports consumption. However, literature is scarce on physical exercise and sports consumption by new citizens in small and medium-sized cities from the perspective of social stratification. By means of literature review, questionnaire, mathematical statistics and logical analysis, the study investigates the features in this line. Findings show the social ranks of the new citizens are positively correlated with their value orientation and facilities, and there are varied significant differences between different ranks at different dimensions; a slightly higher level of participation is displayed in the upper-mid and lower-mid classes; individual participation is dominant at all social levels, but other ways of participation vary at different levels; noticeable differences of various degrees are reflected in the willingness, level and content of sports consumption by different ranks, and comparatively the mid-class and upper class are taking the exemplary lead evidently. Finally, corresponding proposals are suggested.


Key words: physical exercise; sports consumption; new citizen; social stratification; small and medium-sized cities

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