Reading makes a full man,

conference a ready man,

writing an exact man.

·王稚登 《立冬》: 秋风吹尽旧庭柯, 黄叶丹枫客里过。 一点禅灯半轮月, 今宵寒较昨宵多。


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Exploration and Practice in the Construction of Specialized Core Curricula in Regional Application-oriented Universities 

Abstract: The construction of specialized core curricula has a vital role to play in the quality of talent cultivation of regional application-oriented universities. Based on the analysis of the status and trend of specialized core curricula, and combined with the actuality of Jinling Institute of Technology (JIT), the paper attempts to derive a practical and applicable route for JIT from the probe into the curricular framework, the allocation of teaching staff, the curricular selection and teaching methods.

Key words: regional application-oriented universities; specialized core curricula; exploration and practice

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