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On the Construction of IT-based Autonomous Learning Environment at Universities
摘 要:近年来,高校对大学生的自主学习给予了越来越多的重视,自主学习不仅有利于学生提高学习成绩,还是个体终身学习和毕生发展的前提。信息技术使人们的生活、学习方式发生着巨大的变化,基于信息技术的自主学习也越来越成为了一种重要的学习方式。信息技术可以为自主学习提供强有力的支持环境,但信息技术不会自然地成为自主学习良好的支持,我们必须对其进行精心的设计,才能使其发挥最大的功效。笔者从学科教师的角度出发,从理论和实践两个方面进行基于信息技术的自主学习环境的构建研究,通过对学生的自主学习提供良好的支持,以此来提高学生的学习成绩,培养学生的信息素养。
Abstract:In recent years autonomous learning (AL) has received increasing attention at universities, as it can not only help produce better learning results but serve as the premise for individual lifelong learning and development. Information technology (IT) has brought great changes to ways of living and learning, and IT-based AL has grown to be a very important learning style. IT can be a powerful support for AL, but this does happen naturally. Therefore, elaborate design is required to bring its suporting role into full play. The construction of IT-based AL environment is studied both theoretically and practically from teachers' perspective, with a view to helping students' AL to improve their academic results and cultivate their information literacy. 
The whole thesis falls into five chapters. Chapter 1 is to present the subject; Chapter 2 deals with the definitions of AL and AL environment, affecting factors of AL, the role of IT in AL environment and types of IT-based AL environment; Chapter 3 gives an analysis of the theoretical basis and principle of the construction of AL environment, and proposes a framework for the construction; Chapter 4 is a practical research exemplified by the course Basics for Computer Literacy; Chapter 5 summarises the whole research.
Key words: information technology; university; autonomous learning; autonomous learning environment

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